Ronald van den Hoff | founding father of Society 3.0

Ronald van den Hoff

founding father of Society 3.0 & serial entrepreneur


Who I am:

I am co-founder of CDEF Holding BV, a Holding company with a remarkable range of ventures operating on the disruptive intersection of the Hospitality Industry and the entrepreneurial world of Internet.

CDEF incorporates ‘much discussed’, disruptive exponential formulas, like the co-working and meeting centers and the Society 3.0 Foundation., with over 150 locations worldwide, has become an interactive breeding ground for entrepreneurship, inspiration, innovation, cross-linking and cross-pollination. We are creating our in-house software, but also smart software like ‘The Serendipity Machine’. A publishing company, Society30, completes this range of innovative ventures.


Society 3.0


My book Society 3.0 was published in April 2011 by the Society 3.0 Foundation, creating a context for all CDEF’s activities. This foundation is a movement, a guiding light and a change agent in our ever-dynamic world. Its activities, books, publications, events and website are the visualization and exploration of the vision and mission of the CDEF Holding.


CDEF Holding BV owns three brands:

• Seats2meet international BV

• Society 3.0 Foundation

• Owning and operating three S2M locations in Utrecht & Amersfoort (The Netherlands).


Trendwatcher, public speaker and internet strategist.

In addition of being a hospitality entrepreneur, Ronald is also an online entrepreneur and enthusiastic Web-trendstrategist. In addition to his work within CDEF Holding BV., he works on innovation with (international) hotel chains and other service companies in the field of E-commerce, E-communication, Business Modeling, Value Networks and Organizational Innovation.



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